What is this VaporizersKingdom.com?

This site is a way to put together my passion for weed, vaporizers and online work. YES, on this site we use affiliate links and NO, these do not affect my reviews.


As I said, I'm a 420er from many years so I really ENJOY to test as many vaporizer as possible.

Against combustion

Tobacco is very bad for your health, that's why I choose a vaporizer instead of a joint.


I buy all the machine I test by myself, so I'll tell you what's work and what doesen't in every one of them.


You speak english right, but where do you come from? States? Are you from Down Under or from the Great White North? Check the menu to choose your country and get the best vaporizers deals.


No scammy crap here: I review just the finest and the best value for money vaporizers.

About Me

Just another pot enthusiast who converted to vapor some years ago. From that moment on I never went back to joints, and I don't regret it a bit.


Pot head and webmaster

Other than Ganja I love motorcycles (especially fast ones) and to work as little as possible.


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