MIGHTY Review & where to buy | Portable weed vaporizer


The Mighty is a portable weed vaporizer that uses a mix of conduction and convection and is certainly one of the best portable models on sale in the market. We try to discover the reasons that make it so appreciated by both new users and veterans.

The Mighty portable vaporizer is the latest addition to the Storz and Bickel family of vaporizers, which are among others leaders in the field of weed vaporizers.
Let’s see together why the Mighty herb vaporizer has outclassed the rankings of portable and non-portable vaporizers in a very short time.


Convection, conduction or hybrid vaporizers: what are the differences?


The choice of models, technologies and designs in the world of weed vaporizers is so vast that it is necessary to clarify some points to understand what we are buying.
One of the things that most affects the performance of a vaporizer is definitely the type of technology used to create the vapor stream: convection technology , conduction technology or the latest hybrid technology.
Let’s look at these two technologies a bit more in detail to understand the pros and cons of each one.