The Boundless CFX is famous among the vaporizers community, for its large amount of vapor that delivers generously, giving its users a unique flavor.

  • Vaping methodConduction
  • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
  • Heating speed:20 seconds
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

The Boundless CFX is loved by its users for the great clouds it create during vaporization, but not only.
If it is one of the best sold and appreciated vaporizers in circulation, one or more reason will surely be.

First of all, it is important to note that in addition to vaporizing the dried herb, it also vaporizes oils and concentrates.

Boundless CFX review | Design and build quality

The Boundless CFX has a very efficient design. It is certainly not the most elegant and sophisticated among the vaporizers, but it is certainly very practical. The material used is soft to the touch, but it is grippy too.

An example of material used can be the covers of a remote control, so to speak.

Also, it can be carried around safely and goes into the jeans pocket without any problem; keep in mind, however, that it is not the smallest of its kind, if that is what you are looking for.

The LED display indicating temperature is very practical and useful when using the vaporizer. The display is very large, about 1.7 inches.

The temperature that the vaporizer can reach ranges from 100 to 428°F (38°C to 220°C). Also, the display shows the duration of the vaporized session and the remaining life of the battery, which as the experienced users know, it is a matter of primary importance when we want to carry it around.

Boundless CFX review | Stealth


Not that stealthy, but esy to handle, at least.

Boundless CFX review | Vapor quality


The vapor quality is extremely high for a conduction vaporizer. Let me give you an advice for a better use of the Boundless CFX.
On the first use, it is good to let the vaporizer heat at the maximum temperature with the empty chamber, to get rid of the “factory taste”. Do it a couple of times.

A very attractive feature is the vaporizer’s chamber capacity. It can hold up to 0.8 grams (0,02 oz) of unpacked herb, so it is possible to reach the full gram. However, for best result, in terms of taste and vapor volume, it is better not to pack your herb.

When I use it, I usually pack it with 0.2/0.3 grams (0,007/0,01 oz), to get great results. But you know, quantity is a matter of tastes.
A remark that can be made to the chamber is the tendency to get dirty very soon, with the result of making it more difficult to aspire.
Many people change the stock vapor path screen with a more loose one, which improves the situation a little.
The heating time is about 20 seconds.

Boundless CFX review | Battery

The Boundless CFX has a discrete battery life, about 60 minutes.
An average lifetime for a portable vaporizer, it must be said that surely the a display so big sucks a little extra energy. Of course, the duration of the sessions will also depend on the temperature used.

The battery is not replaceable, and the time it takes for a full charge is 2/3 hours when connected to an USB port, while with the wall charger supplied in the package, the time it takes is only 30 minutes.

Considering all of these factors, if you plan to take the vaporizer outdoors for a long period of time, it is advisable to always carry with you an external battery.

Boundless CFX review | Should I Buy it?

There are many features that lead vape lovers to choose the Boundless CFX: it is loved for the big clouds of vapor, that gives great satisfaction to the users.

But not only, we have seen that a good vaporizer must have a good battery and a clever and practical method to be recharged. But the design is also a very important aspect, in fact it has some advantages like the big chamber, or the soft and grippy material.

The Boundless CFX, is also appreciated among the vapers for its large led display. Are these features you are looking for in a portable weed vaporizer?

If the answer is yes, the choice is obvious, the weed vaporizer that’s right for you is the Boundless CFX!

The only real flaw is the non replaceable battery.

Boundless CFX review | Where can I buy it?



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