The G Pen Elite is a vaporizer with a quite good value for money: it has a ceramic chamber (to be fair, it may be the first which used this solution)and a good vapor quality.
But let’s analyze the features that could drive you to choose this model.

  • Vaping methodConduction
  • What can I vape?: Herbs
  • Heating speed20/30 seconds
  • Battery life: 70 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 year

Gpen Elite review | Design and build quality

Everyone likes the refined products, especially if they allow us to smoke our beloved weed.
The G Pen Elite has a great ergonomic and very elegant shape, and the LED display is highly appreciated by users.

The display is clear, it can be well read outdoors and contributes to give to the vaporizer a modern and stylish look.
The buttons feels solid to the touch, and give to the G Pen a strong sense of quality.

Gpen Elite review | Stealth


Speaking of dimensions, the G Pen it’s a quite portable vaporizer, easily concealable in your hand.

Gpen Elite review | Vapor quality

The vaporizer can reach a top temperature of 220°C (the range is from 90 to 220 °C ): as a result you will have a decided and sweet taste at the same time, and you will benefit from the maximum vaporization of your herb; for its price, it can produce some very good quality vapor.
The chamber capacity is quite good, you can put up to half a gram of dried herb.
Not bad, right? Experienced smokers love this factor, which allows them to use it even in company, while lounging in the open air.
An advantage of having a ceramic bowl is also the fact that cleaning is simpler than the metal: in fact, residues tend to stick less than on the metal ones, thus simplifying life.
Although it is a quite compact vaporizer, it guarantees high-speed heating and excellent performance: it heats between 20 and 30 seconds when set to maximum temperature: if we set a lower temperature it will take even less time.

Gpen Elite review | Battery

The battery life on this model is higher than the average of portable vaporizers; you can also arrive at 6 vaping sessions. A great result, even more if we consider the compact size.
To fully recharge a complete drained battery, it takes about 2/3 hours, depending on where you charge.

Gpen Elite review | Should I buy it?

The G Pen has really surprised us, it is very portable, and feels strong an durable and the battery life is impressive too, considering its size.

The vapor quality is above the average considering the price, and the ceramic bowlis easy to pack and clean.

It could surely be one of the best choice to get a quality vape at a fair price.

Gpen Elite review | Where can I buy it?



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