The herb vaporizer is an innovative method for smoking, but not only. Compared to the traditional joint, it offers various advantages: enjoying the true taste of weed and it’s much healthier.

Weed vaporizer | Why use it?

I understand the skepticism to abandon the much loved mix, practical and fast, of paper, filter and weed (even if loading a vaporizer is certainly faster…).

But once you have tested a vaporizer you will understand all the advantages over combustion.

The advantages are both qualitative and economic, as a smaller amount of grass is enough to have the same effects, or even better.

Finally, it is certainly much healthier.

But let’s see in detail why we should abandon our beloved joint.

Weed vaporizer | Medical use

The vaporization of cannabis for medical use is becoming increasingly popular, as one of the healthiest ways to take marijuana as medicine.

Vaporizers heat cannabis at a carefully controlled temperature, at which the active ingredients (THC and other cannabinoids) pass into the vapor state.

Since vapor is not a combustion product, it does not contain coal or semi-solid solid materials and, as a consequence, it produces far fewer harmful and carcinogenic substances (which would be paradoxical if you were taking weed to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy, for example ).

Cannabis vapor is inhaled the same way as smoking, but without the side effects. Since THC is released without combustion, nothing of the active ingredient is lost due to overfilling (which happens when marijuana is smoked), allowing more efficient consumption of the prescribed amount.

The possibility of obtaining the same effect using a smaller quantity of cannabis therefore makes the purchase of a vaporizer an economic choice.

Why vaporizing is healthier


Weed vaporizer | Bye bye combustion

Look at the infographic above, you know which substances are released on a joint session, in addition to THC (which is also largely degraded because of the high temperature)?

Well, among others, there are aromatic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide … and yes, they are all carcinogenic substances: I guess there is no need to add anything else.

Without talking about the fact that it would be nice not to have the lungs of an eighty-year-old and be able to do more than one shot when playing soccer with friends.

Weed vaporizer | No more smell

The smell of smoke is terrible, it sticks to clothes, to the skin, not to mention the house. When guests arrive at home, even worse if they are family members who do not smoke, they think they are back in the 80s when they could smoke everywhere.

You can spray any deodorant, aggressive, biological, whatever you want, but the smell will never give up! But what creates these bad smells? First of all, one of the bad smells came from our ashtray, always present but constantly full.

Unless you do not wash it daily and several times a day, that much-loved object will always be the stink of the house. But we do not always blame others! We are also creating the smell!

All the smoke that we puff out with satisfied air has a deadly smell. We love it, but in the long run it creates a stinking halo that never gives us up!

Do you love bad smells?

Weed vaporizer | The vaporizer is healthier than smoking in a traditional way

If before, thinking of bad smells, we thought of our neighbor, now the time has come to think about ourselves. It is now scientifically proven that smoking is harmful to our body.

But if we could smoke in a healthier and safer way for our body and with the benefits of cannabis?

Simple, just use a vaporizer.

When you smoke using the traditional method of  burning tobacco and grass, you also smoke tar, carcinogenic particles and free radicals. Unfortunately, you do not only smoke the weed, but also all the disgust that comes from combustion.

The vaporizer, on the other hand, eliminates all the chemical agents that are created and gives you the opportunity to smoke the bare and raw grass without detracting from its effect.

Imagine what a dream, smoking our beloved weed without risking illness, or at best, a chronic cough.

Also you will have the healthiest and cleanest teeth, the constant yellow that has accompanied you for years, after a good dental cleaning, will leave you forever.

By evaporating the grass particles, there will remain no tangible sign that you have smoked. Ideal also for those who do not want to get caught by the meddler neighbor!

Not to mention the breath that smells of smoke, which non-smokers do not like so much!

Weed vaporizer | The Vaporizer cuts down costs for greater effects

Another advantage of the vaporizer is that it allows you to use less weed and get more immediate effects in this way than the traditional method.

When we traditionally smoke, we can not inhale all the grass inside our joint. This because the continue burning continues to disperse the smoke in the air.

If with the vaporizer we can smoke all the grass we want to use, at the same time we reduce the amount we use every time.

Let’s take a practical example.

First of all, in the vaporization chamber there are no losses, and our grass is used 100%, without combustion degrading the active ingredient.

With the combustion then, with the same smoke created, a percentage of what we inhale will be composed of the burned residues of the leaf, tobacco and paper, as well as the active ingredient.
You will understand for yourself that this can not happen by vaporising: so we can use less grass with the same effect.

In the end we will not only be able to smoke our grass until the last grain, but we will save a really considerable amount at the end of the year.

With the saving of the grass we can first of all absorb the vaporizer purchase cost, then buy a little more grass a week and why not at the end of the year we will have saved so much that on New Year we could go to Jamaica, we and the vaporizer !
In addition we saveon tobacco too.

With the vaporizer you can enjoy the grass in its pure state, without adding anything between you and her.

Weed vaporizer | Final thoughts

So, why should you choose a vaporizer?

Because it’s a smart choice.

Only by summing up the benefits, we understand the potential: no smell on and at home, does not affect health, it produces an unprecedented taste, it doesn’t our weed and in the long run you’ll save money too!

Beware: once you try it, you will not come back.


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