The Miqro is DaVinci’s latest portable vaporizer, which basically offers us a compact version of IQ 2 [review here], but promises the same excellent quality as the “big brother’s” vapor.
Here’s our review on this weed vaporizer.


  • Vaping methodConduction
  • What can I put into?: Herbs and concentrates
  • Heating speed: 40 seconds
  • Battery life: 30 minutes
  • Warranty: 5 years

DAVINCI Miqro review | Design & Build Quality

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the feature that stands out on all are the ultra-compact size of this herb vaporizer.
As you can see from the opening pictures, the Miqro is a little bigger than a lighter, both in height and thickness; the vaporizer weighs “empty” (with battery but empty oven) just above 100 grams (0,2 lbs).

It can be held comfortably in the palm of your hand, making it very discreet.

The vaporizer gives a feel of quality, as it is for the IQ, and the buttons are solid. No creaky plastic noise.

Finally, the warranty for this vaporizer is 5 years, one of the best, if not the best, for this price range.

You can see the package and accessories it contains in the image below.
In addition to the USB cable for charging, there is an extra mouthpiece (with the cleaning brushes), a tool for cleaning the oven, alcohol wipes and the instruction manual and a couple of stickers.

davinci miqro vaporizer



DAVINCI Miqro review | Stealth

Discretion and portability are the main features of the Davinci Miqro, just take a look at those pictures above.

There are no display on the vaporizer’s body, just 3 little buttons for temperature control and the main ON/OFF switch. Nothing complicated, you’ll be able to master it in a couple of sessions.

DAVINCI Miqro review | Battery


The battery of the DaVinci Miqro is a small 18350, a mandatory choice given the size of the vaporizer, the battery is removable as you can see from the pictures.

Obviously the small size affects the life of the battery, which on average is 30 minutes, one of the lowest among the portable weed vaporizers.
It must be said that the goal of this vaporizer are not long sessions at home, but fast solo vaporizing, possibly in open air.

Recharging times are about 90 minutes to reach 100%; a good idea would be to have a spare battery: given the extra small size, taking another one with you is definitely not a problem.

DAVINCI Miqro review | Vapor quality

The vapor produced by Miqro is excellent as a taste, thanks to the fact that oven, mouthpiece and all the steps in contact with the steam are made of zirconium alloy.

The warm-up time is about 40 seconds.

As for the volume of vapor produced, to have a substantial amount, you have to use higher temperature settings than the IQ, for example.

The oven is placed at the base of the vaporizer, which should then be loaded upside down, the oven can contain up to 0,25 grams (0.009 oz) of herbs, but we recommend that you do not fill it too much and leave some space. The mouthpiece is swappable, you can use the flat one, or the “long neck” one. Note how those attach to the vaporizer body, through an elegant magnetic attack.

This vaporizer has 4 “windows” of temperatures selectable with the side buttons, you can see what setting you have chosen through the strips of LEDs that light up on the front and a slight vibration.

After that, it is sufficient to inhale slightly, since the draw resistance offered by the Miqro is really low, as long as you keep the oven clean, but this is a common maintenance requirement for every vaporizer.

DAVINCI Miqro review | Should I buy it?

What about this little weed vaporizer?

Let’s start with the positive things, that is the excellent vapor that it produces, its really compact dimensions and therefore its extreme portability.

The Miqro also has a competitive price tag  and a 5-year warranty.

The Miqro pays it short battery life, a normal issue given its small size. The other defect is that the body of the vaporizer tends to heat up enough during use, which can be enjoyed in winter, but probably not too much when the outside temperatures rises; mind you, it does not become hot, but it can still be annoying.

Who is the Micro suitable for? Solitary vapers, who prefer quick sessions and above all need a tiny vaporizer to go unnoticed.

If you recognize yourself then buy it with confidence, its value for money is fantastic.

If, on the other hand, the battery life is more important to you, then think about the DaVinci IQ 2.

DAVINCI Miqro review | Where can I buy it?



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