The Firefly 2 Plus is the evolution of the famous Firefly 2, which has improved in many aspects.
The major improvements compared to the previous unit are: heating speed, ease of maintenance and the battery life.

  • Vaping methodConvection
  • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
  • Heating speed:3 seconds
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Warranty: 2 years

Firefly 2 Plus review | Design & Build Quality

The new Firefy 2 is expensive, but with reasons: its body is made with some of the best materials among the vaporizer’s market, and you can clearly feel it. It weights around 0.31 lbs (140 grams): a big boy, isn’t it?

Its exclusive (and somewhat awkward) “horizontal” glass bowl  gets illuminated by a nice and warm orange light during the session, giving to it a flashy look.

The Firefly 2 Plus is one of the portable vaporizers with the easiest maintenance, thanks to its exposed glass bowl you can use a simple cloth, possibly soaked with alcohol, to quickly remove any residue.

Firefly 2 Plus review | Stealth


This is a field in which the Firefly 2 Plus do not excels (to say the least), stealthiness: it is a quite fat vaporizer, and the peculiar horizontal chamber doesen’t allow it to be used vertically, like every other vaporizer.

So, forget about low-observability-vaporization-session sitting on the bench of a park; or, at least, be ready to share some hits with someone.

Firefly 2 Plus review | Vapor quality

The Firefly 2 Plus bowl has 55 small holes that transmit the heat below our herbs or concentrates.

In my opinion, the “glowing” effect that looks around the bowl when the vaporizer is in turned on is very nice.
You can set up to 5 different temperature values for herbs, and one for concentrates: the maximum temperature is 420°F (215°C).

The heating speed is at the top, in fact, it takes 5 seconds to reach the maximum temperature, and if you use lower values it is also necessary to wait for less than 3 seconds.

It is possible to control the Firefly 2 Plus through a smartphone app (for Android or iOS) that, using a bluetooth connection, allows to set different temperature values, without touching the vaporizer:

to be fair, it seems more like a fancy gadget than a useful feature during everyday use.

The vapor quality itself is gorgeous: tasteful and smooth, the vapor delivered by the Firefly 2 Plus, is over the top.

You an rapidly unload and clean the chamber after the session, and load another load as fast, that’s one of the biggest advantage of the “open-air” bowl.

Firefly 2 Plus review | Battery

The battery life is another great improvement compared to the past, in fact you can now get to an average life of 90 minutes; smoking concentrates requires a slightly longer sessions, so it can decrease the overall battery life.

The recharging takes approximately 45 minutes to bring the battery level back to 100%, but it takes about 25 minutes to get up to 80%.

It should be added that in the package there is another easily replaceable battery (it should be noted that is a “proprietary” battery, not the widely available 18650-type battery found on other vaporizers), such as a mobile phone; in the box there is also a USB docking station, which can be used in a car as well.

Firefly 2 Plus review | Should I buy it?

This vaporizer is undoubtedly a great product, and as such it’s a bit pricey: however, considering other portable vaporizers of similar quality, it is worth every single pound.

In my opinion it’s build for an heavy hitter smoker guy, who enjoy long session, maybe with a buddy, and need a powerful vaporizer: rember that the Firefly 2 Plus can easily vaporize concentrates too.

The only reason that can stop you to buy this beast is the need for a compact and stealthy unit, which the Firefly surely is not.

The Firefly 2 Plus, heats up in just 3 seconds, delivers an absolute quality vapor, it has a replaceable battery: so, if you want a top notch vaporizer, just go for it.

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