And finally the Pax 3 came, the long-awaited successor of the already excellent Pax 2.
How much has improved compared to its predecessor? Is it worth buying it? Find out by reading our review of Pax 3.

  • Vaping methodConduction
  • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
  • Heating speed:15 seconds
  • Battery life: 90/105 minutes
  • Warranty: 10 years

Pax 3 review | Design & Build Quality

The Pax 3 keeps the same dimensions of the Pax 2,  a very welcome thing for two reasons: first because all the accessories that you have purchased for your Pax 2 are fits perfectly and second because the portability and the ergonomics were already over the top, so why change it?

The feeling of sturdiness and quality that you have once taken the vaporizer in your hands is obviously still there, but there is a slight difference to the touch, as the Pax 3 has a smooth and shiny surface, unlike the “brushed” surface like of the previous model. It weights 3,2 oz (93 grams).

A further proof of its build quality is the whopping 10-year warranty, which should protect you from any nasty surprise.

Pax 3 review | Stealth


Man, the Pax 3 is the perfect tool to use to go unnoticed: it is so compact that you can almost hide it in your hand. It has no flashy buttons or knobs: you can set up it quickly and have a wiff practically anywhere.

Pax 3 review | Battery


The Pax 3 charging dock

The Pax 3 battery is another big step forward: in fact, 10/15 minutes of further autonomy have been added to the already good battery life of the previous model; the battery life varies slightly depending on the mode of use and the temperature.

The vaporizer recharges in about one and a half hour with from a completely drained battery , and this is also a remarkably good value.

Battery performances are even more valuable if we consider the compact size of Pax 3.
Recharging is still a bit uncomfortable, as the Pax 3 still uses an external dock system: it would be more convenient to have a classic micro USB port.

Another downside of the Pax 3 battery setup, is it’s non-swappable: the battery itself is embedded in the vaporizer body. This means that you you have to disassemble the vaporizer to change a faulty battery.

Pax 3 review | Vapor quality

The most important features of the Pax 3 are focused on the vapor chamber and the relative accessories.
In fact, now we can also vape concentrates as well as weed.

As you can see from the pictures, the Pax 3 has a number of accessories, which are : a multipurpose tool (which will be especially useful for cleaning), the classic flat mouthpiece, the raised mouthpiece, the standard cover for the vaporization chamber and the bowl to vaporize the concentrates.

The last two accessories on the list are a novelty compared to the Pax 2, while the raised nozzle has been modified in the design, so as to be more convenient to use.

The mini lid is perfect for single use of the vaporizer, as with the standard lid, the quantities could be a little too abundant for a single person.

This new accessory works very well, without leaks and without leaving residues that are difficult to clean after smoking.

The heating time has also improved greatly: in fact, we move from the 60 seconds of Pax 2 to 15 seconds of Pax 3.
The vaporization temperature is selected by a button on the vaporizer, while you need to use a smartphone app to enable the 4 modes of use: boost, efficency, stealth or flavor.

The vapor quality is top level as it was on Pax 2; with the Pax 3 you can also enjoy the vaporization of the concentrates.

Pax 3 review | Should I buy it?

So, how good is this vaporizer?
Surely, despite the seemingly identical look, it has been improved from all points of view: the battery is improved, you can vaporize concentrates, it heats up 3 times faster and now it has an app to take full advantage of its features.

Now, if you already own Pax 2, I understand that buying this model is a difficult choice; the Pax2 is still a good horse and perhaps the improvements do not justify having 2 very similar vaporizers, but if you do not already own a Pax 2, this vaporizer is a great tool.

Things I don’t like: the non swappable battery.

Pax 3 review | Where can I buy it ?



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