The weed vaporizer has entered the world of smokers for a few years, but not yet everyone knows exactly how it works, nor what it actually is.

Read our guide, and learn how a weed vaporizer works and which ones are the best.

How a weed vaporizer works | What are we talking about?

The herb vaporizer is an instrument to inhale the vapor created by heating the dried weed. In practice, our wed is brought to the temperature that coincides with the evaporation point of the active ingredient, without reaching the combustion temperature.

In fact, the purpose of the vaporizer is to eliminate the residues of combustion from the process and allow the weed to release a vapor cloud rich in active ingredient and consequently to inhale it.

With the vaporizer, the herb will never be burned, unlike traditional methods that involve combustion of substances.

So we will not be forced to inhale even all the harmful elements, such as tar, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic crap.

But instead we can enjoy the steam of totally pure dried weed.

This makes the vaporizer ideal, especially for those who do not smoke cigarettes, but do not want to give up being a good smoker; in fact, using the vaporizer it is no longer necessary to use tobacco.

The vapor generated by a vaporizer, has a much less persistent and annoying smell, with the undoubted advantage of being able to smoke even indoors.
It is obvious that the smell will not disappear, but the difference is clear, try to believe.

How a weed vaporizer works | Conduction, convection or hybrid?

There are basically 3 ways to achieve vaporization: conduction, convection or hybrid systems. The difference between the 3 vaporization methods lies in the heating element and its position.

In a conduction vaporizer the heating element is almost in contact with the weed, while in a convection one is not: therefore the vaporization occurs in an indirect way. In this case the weed is vaporized through the hot air stream created by a separate compartment, creating a current that invests the contents of the vaporization chamber from the bottom upwards.

Hybrid vaporizers uses a mix of both methods.

How a weed vaporizer works | How to use a vape?

We have seen what a vaporizer is and how it works in detail. But are we able to use it correctly?

We assume that the weed must reach a point of heating that allows it to evaporate and release the substances it contains, its beneficial properties and give us the desired pleasure. But when do we get to the right point of evaporation? Obviously the first time with a new herb vaporizer always changes from model to model, but also from person to person.

So the classic advice is to practice with your tool and understand what is the right degree of heating that is right for you.

But for the most hurried ones it is enough to say that the grass vaporizes at a temperature ranging from 180°C to 220°C, depending on the humidity contained in it.

From 230°C onwards, the weed risks combustion.

The combustion point depends on the moisture in the dried herb. But what is the right temperature? On average the temperature window on a vaporizer goes from 360°F to 380°F(185°C to 190°C).

At this temperature the herb causes effects in the brain. Above this temperature, the effects are also bodily and not only cerebral. In practice you are completely done.

So keep these tips in mind, before steaming up the day of your job interview!

In addition, an intrinsic advantage of the vaporizer compared to traditional methods is the ability to use 100% of the grass we have loaded, making it possible to make discreetly long vaping sessions even in spite of the small quantities that are used: in fact, rarely a portable vaporizer oven contains more than 0.5 grams(0,01 oz) of weed.

How a weed vaporizer works | Which model to buy?

What are the features that make a model better than another?

In principle the thing is very subjective, but the main characteristics of a vaporizer are those that follow; we must understand what function and characteristic is the best for us and that a good vaporizer must necessarily have.

  • Portable or desktop model
  • Battery life for portable model
  • Conduction, convection or hybrid heating
  • Digital or analog
  • Build quality
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Heating speed

We just have to understand what are the characteristics that we can not do without and those that may not even be present, because they are not important for our daily usage.

How a weed vaporizer works | The choice

We have gutted everything we need to know before tackling the world of vaporizers. At this point when you find yourself choosing your ideal vaporizer, you just need to understand what use you want to do and what do you expect it to do.

Once you have a clear idea, give yourself a budget and start vaping!

Set aside tobacco and dangerous substances and welcome a new family member into the home who will never let you down on all fronts.


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